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A desire to bring meaning supports a unique work, in tune with nature. The eye is engaged, much like we can be when faced with a landscape: by its gentleness, light, and the beauty of its colors.

The artist draws inspiration from nature, which appears to her as the mother of beauty and generosity. It's a sensory language that journeys to the heart, without initially relying on intellectual or artistic references. In search of light, transparency, depth, and gentleness, she lays the first layers of white on the canvas, like the dawn of the first days, and then adds a mineral powder around which the oil, in fine layers, takes shape. The six themes explored, "passages," "openings," "secrets of the garden," "pebbles," "immanence," and "inhabited landscape," all share the goal of making the audience feel openness, space, and light. Three entities that are intangible, immeasurable, invisible, and which she wishes to approach as closely as possible.

Through her compositions, she hopes that the viewer directs their gaze and spirit to the most intimate, towards the heart, and thus confronts a more universal perspective.