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Immanence is said of what is in the nature of a being. Anne expresses it from the depth of her soul both in her prints and in her oil paintings :
“Immanence. Nature. Vegetal essence, essential benevolent presence ; model of strength, patience, impartiality, open to all, for all. Infinitesimal beauty of the cell, comparable to that, immense, prodigious, stunning of the universe. With each breath, nature emits signals of life, light, love to which we often remain deaf. Our armoured heart cannot echo nature. Let us subdue our noise. Let us listen to this vibrant silence speak to us in the depths of our being. Every vegetal particule is a lesson of beauty and space resounds with this incredible song. This resonance, this harmony finally felt answers our essential questions. To every part of nature we are really sealed, if we listen. The immanence perceived in the presence of plants carries me to a benevolent world. For this entity, this nature, that is sometimes cruel, violent or pitiless, is listened to only when our hearts are one with her.”

- HUILE SUR TOILE (format 1m/1m)

- HUILE SUR PAPIER (format 57/73cm)

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