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Presence in the World

In our inner temple, where time renews itself,
where we come into the World,
from before oneself to after oneself.
In our body, an open, awakened form, a place of reception, of exchanges.
A space of communion with the universe, where the being commits, and where the imprint of life becomes an act.

Every day, every hour, every second, the sun, air, and water make flourish and burst into light the reflections of the living: seed, grass, flower, tree, dust, pebble, cliff, cloud, sky, star.

Time, present in this palpitation.
Watchful eye, listening ear, open heart,

presence within oneself, presence to others,

presence in the World.

Anne Turlais
August 2011.

- OIL ON CANVAS (size 1m/1m)



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