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United Verse, the Universe...

Benevolent iris, present, a point in the universe where we exist.

a cloud of life in perpetual motion.

A flight of flowers, a grain of sand, stars, droplets of water iridescent with light.

A multitude made of singularities, which, united, form a broader, more fluid shape.

A multitude of flowers for a fragrant song
A multitude of grains of sand for a soft beach beneath our feet
A multitude of stars for an illuminated sky
A multitude of living beings for a vibrant earth.

United towards, the unity

- OIL ON CANVAS (size 1m/1m)

- OIL ON PAPER (size 57/73cm)

Feeling a connection with any of these pieces?

Should you be interested in purchasing any of these engravings or paintings and wish to inquire about their prices, feel free to reach out to me at or drop by my gallery. I would be delighted to help.