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Subtle Matter

The history of art starts from a tiny layer of pigments to paint life and reaches the 21st century with an absence of material, through digital tools. The eternal desire of creators is to approach this subtle and invisible matter that underlies every life.

Between these two points, the masterful paintings made of thin and delicate layers succeeded, through great technique and a strong presence of spirit at that time, in translating the sensitive nature, the living.
Following that, Impressionism wonderfully transcribed light with sensitive and vibrant strokes, giving painted things a taste of eternity.

Then, as churches emptied and museums filled, paintings called modern and then conceptual approached the living through matter, mainly through objects, giving some of them a cold, lifeless, and lightless art.

Prehistoric humans, with minimal means, reduced, a bit of pigment, and a keen eye, made use of every bump or hollow in the rock to support the perspective of the depicted animal, making it appear alive, as we can still see today.
They worked with subtle matter.

Today, painting with the digital tablet, this cold and material-less tool, and managing to convey life, emotion, is in the same way to transcribe with subtle matter, the spirit that is in everything and is delivered with great delicacy.
It can be concluded that life accommodates more of the less than the more, like the imperceptible breath.

Too much matter kills the spirit, and the digital tool is perhaps the passage and means to rediscover this contact with the invisible, subtle matter, and the path of light.

Anne Turlais - 03/05/2022

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