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Inhabited landscapes

The infinitely small and the infinitely big are similar. 
This portion of rock on which mosses and dried lichens draw marvellous landscapes. This face which is nothing other than the line of the horizon edged with a cloudy head of hair with two copses of trees for an eye. 
The disconcerting proximity of the heavenly vault to certain shells or certain starry flowers. These cliffs modelled with sensuality where one can scrutinize original corporal traces moulded with mineral and vegetal enlaced. 
All these analogies speak to me and my close observations of matter are at the same time a source of knowledge and a key to the perception of the infinitely big. 
These glances directed there, at my feet, or on the distant line as far as the eye can see, offer to me all the possible readings of this nature with such complex constituent parts at the closest, so simple at the furthest. 
These two visions, close and distant of the landscape which inscribe time and space are two axes of my interior and plastic work.

- OIL ON CANVAS (size 120/40cm)

- OIL ON CANVAS (size 1m/1m)


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